Pricing Screen

For day-to-day use, this will be the most frequently viewed screen.

Here, you enter information relating to image size, type of glazing, needlework info, type of back and fittings, and drymount process.Tabs at the top of the screen take you step by step through the framing process to enter further information i.e. Moulding references, Mounts, Barrier boards, Specialist work, Artwork sold etc.

As you are adding the information, notice how QuickPrice is automatically calculating your selling price.

An Info tab allows you to add further customer specific details to the job sheet - is the customers work damaged in any way? Add the info here.

Get your customer's information from the Customer List, and the final tab allows you to send the completed order to your printer.

QuickPrice Pro Barcode edition allows rapid search for moulding, mountboard and artwork using a barcode scanner. This exciting new feature will be a great asset for the larger framer, or the framer who really wants to impress the customer!